Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Build Downtown Sacramento

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Traditional Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Design and Build in Downtown Sacramento

Traditional Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Designed and Built in Sacramento

The perfect touch to a gorgeous backyard living experience is a state-of-the-art outdoor fireplace.

The elegant look of this traditional wood burning fireplace brightens the backyard and provides an enriching atmosphere for both guests and homeowners.

This specific project was created by and morphed into the homeowners’ unique vision of their outdoor fireplace. The unique setting of the stones really catches roaming eyes. The purposeful use of El Dorado Stone gives this fireplace a traditional look that matches Sacramento’s historic feel.

With Sacramento’s cool summer nights and chilly evenings, this wood burning fireplace is a great match for this homeowner. Having an outdoor, fully functioning fireplace on a beautiful summer evening is lovely and useful.

It is also ideal for cooler nights where a wood burning fireplace is necessary to keep warm.

Friends and family alike will enjoy this homeowners’ custom made outdoor fireplace because of their unique choice in design.

Here at Custom Image Hardscape, we take pride in our hard work and try to exceed homeowners expectations!

If you have any questions or potential requests, contact us!

Outdoor Fireplace Built in Historic Sacramento City

Sacramento, full of many historic locations such as; Old Sacramento, Pony Express Statue, Pioneer Park and Big Four House, is a beautiful city full of rich culture and background.

Built in the historic downtown Sacramento, the design of this wood burning fireplace matches the cities remarkable antique look.

Traditional Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Designed and Built in Sacramento

This traditional wood burning fireplace takes the homeowner back in time with its use of rustic El Dorado Stone. Each stone used for building this traditional wood burning fireplace was done with a precise, designful purpose in mind.

The purpose of the placement is to give the fireplace a look that matches the historic town. The natural tones in the El Dorado Stone highlight the many hardscape design options made possible by the high-end, detailed work that Custom Image Hardscape is known for.

This fireplace is elegant due to its ‘old-school’ traditional style and is perfect for the homeowner.

Colors Make All the Difference in Building an Outdoor Fireplace

Set amongst flourishing greenery, the contrast of the colors from the El Dorado Stone and the bushes and trees behind it gives the fireplace an alluring look.

The El Dorado Stones used are earthy natural colors that are shades of brown.

The backyard is full of greenery and really highlights the earthy rustic colors from the fireplace.

Traditional Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Designed and Built in Sacramento

Our purposeful use of contrast in colors really spotlights this outdoor fireplace as being the center of attention.

The choice in tile flooring is another pleasant feature of this Hardscape design. The tiling resembles the earthy neutral colors the fireplace is sporting. These small details are just a couple of things that make us, Custom Image Hardscape, exceptional fireplace builders in the Sacramento area.

Features Included with the Wood Burning Fireplace

As one of the best fireplace builders in the downtown Sacramento area, Custom Image Hardscape creates spectacular wood-burning fireplaces equipped with various features.

Each feature in the wood burning fireplace was impeccably worked and consulted on with the homeowners to create their unique vision.

Some of these features in this specific elegant wood burning fireplace include; weatherproof outlets, finely installed LED lights and a natural gas log igniter.

Built in the middle of historic downtown Sacramento this wood burning fireplace has a relaxing air around it. Sacramento, known for its cool nights, is a perfect city for a wood burning fireplace.

The stunning fireplace not only looks amazing but is useful for those chilly nights. This Sacramento homeowner chose to install an outdoor fireplace due to the extremely cold nights.

The features, functionality, and design for this project allow the homeowner to easily winterize their custom outdoor fireplace to withstand those extremely cold nights.

Traditional Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Designed and Built in Sacramento

While relaxing outside, these 110 GFI Weatherproof Outlet come in handy.

Living in a digital age, homeowners and guests both are sure to want to use their phones and devices. These built-in power outlets are super useful for charging cell phones and their accessories. They can also be used to play music from speakers and radios, keeping the energy alive.

Not only are these built-in power outlets convenient, but they are also weatherproof making them safe!

Another gorgeous feature is the use of LED lights.

The LED lights are placed in locations amongst the wood burning fireplace to emphasize the fireplace throughout.

They are placed underneath the smooth concrete caps installed into the fireplace. They brighten up the inside of the fireplace and right above the entrance of the fire creating an illuminating effect.

Serving the Sacramento area with unmatched outdoor kitchen designs, Custom Image Hardscape is the top rated company in the area, including Rocklin, Roseville, Folsom, and El Dorado Hills. Building custom luxury outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, or a poolside decking is our craft and our specialty.

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